Six Outdoor Activities That Make A Great First Date

The idea of a perfect first date will change from person to person. And, while some will feel at home in a bar or cafe, others might seek out something more exciting. Sharing adrenaline-filled adventures can bring people closer together, as well as be a great way to reveal their true character. For some, however, outdoor activities are simply their favourite pastimes and, if they are going to get to know someone, they would want to share their enjoyment.

Whether you are looking to impress someone whose ideal first date is one of outdoor endeavours or you want to take a chance on making your initial meeting a memorable one, we’ve put together a list of the six best outdoor activities, those that make for a great first date.


Taking to your favourite trail can be an ideal way to get to know somebody. In addition to being able to share the stunning environments that you enjoy, all while talking freely, adventures can be found by going off the beaten track. With a little planning, you can also prepare food and drink to consume in a quiet and secluded spot, likely beating out the busyness of a crowded cafe!


Heading out onto the ocean and journeying down a river are both great ways to experience nature with a date. Promising you know a particularly quiet route, you will be able to have the water all to yourselves. Kayaking is also relatively easy to pick up, meaning that, even those with no prior experience, can jump right in and explore the water.


For some people, staying on the ground simply doesn’t cut it. Only experiencing one of the greatest thrills will satisfy their desire and, for a first date, no other outdoor experience could match the bonding experience of soaring through the air together. Surprisingly, skydiving occurs as a first date quite often, perhaps because it brings people together in their vulnerability.


Paddleboarding allows couples to explore open water in a calm yet adventurous manner. Depending on the environment, paddle boarders can immerse themselves in idyllic forests, beneath majestic mountains, or out in the ocean, all of which will be perfect for your first photo together. As far as activities go, it is also low-impact, meaning that both parties can feel relaxed as they get to know each other while enjoying a new adventure.

Places Of Interest

For some, the wonder of an outdoor activity isn’t in the adrenaline or physical thrill but the mental one. Exploring historic locations, whether stunning architecture or ancient landscapes can be a great way for two people to share their interests with one another. Certain places of interest can also have personal value to individuals, making them a special place to meet someone.

Wild Swimming

Becoming increasingly more popular, wild swimming is an extremely fun way to get to know someone, promising that you’re comfortable stripping down soon after meeting for the first time. It’s not only a fantastic way to immerse yourselves in nature but it also has profound benefits on the body, helping to refresh and relax those who plunge in the water, which can be just the threshold some people need to cross to help them feel comfortable!

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