Purchasing A Luxurious Condo In Bangkok

If you are a foreigner living in Thailand, you are limited to owning property, and one of the best ways around this is to purchase a condo, which foreigners are free to buy. There are thousands of condos available for sale in Bangkok, so there are plenty of choices available when you are looking to purchase one. If you are looking to buy a condo in Bangkok, below are some of the factors you will need to consider before deciding which one to buy.

How Much Space Do You Need?

One of the first things you will need to consider is how much space you need, and condos in Bangkok are available in varying sizes. You can opt for a studio condo or choose one with two or three bedrooms, depending on how much space you need. The bigger the unit you purchase, the higher the price, so you will also need to consider your budget. A condo for sale in Sukhumvit will cost much more than one on the outskirts of the city, so before you start searching the different areas, you will need to work out how much you can afford to spend.

What Will You Use The Condo For?

You will also need to consider what you will use the condo for, as you may wish to live in it full time or use it as a holiday home. You can also purchase a condo as an investment and rent this out, so you have another income. When you know what you will be using the apartment for, you can then look at the different areas where you can purchase a high-quality condo unit.

The Location Of Your Condo

Your condo location is a significant factor, and you will need to consider this carefully before purchasing a unit. If you live in it full time and work in Bangkok, you will want something close to your place of work or close to the BTS and MRT transport networks. If you are renting out your condo, then location is just as important, so you will want to choose something in an area with high demand.

What Facilities Do You Require?

You will also need to think about what facilities you want in the condo building to make living there much more comfortable. You may wish to have a swimming pool and gym in your building, a garden area where you can relax, or secure parking may be vital for you. Most condos will have 24-hour security as standard, and you may also want the convenience of having a store where you can purchase basic supplies. A communal laundry area is also something you may wish to consider. When you have decided on everything you want in your new condo, you can start your search for your new home in Bangkok.

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