Planning A Fantastic Trip To Vientiane, Laos

Out of all the countries in South East Asia, Laos is probably one of the most overlooked by tourists, which means it has a lot to offer people looking for a genuine experience when they visit the country. Vientiane is one of the most popular cities with tourists in Laos, but it still has a character and charm about it that feels genuine and less touristic. If you want to visit this fascinating city and are keen to plan a trip, here are some tips to help you get started and ensure that you have a magical time when you visit Vientiane in Laos.

Choosing Your Hotel

Whether you are n a shoestring budget or you are looking to stay in luxury, Vientiane caters to all types of tourists and has something to offer everyone. If you can, you will want to choose one of the luxury hotels in Vientiane that overlooks the river, which will give you fantastic views. Make sure that you read plenty of the online reviews of any potential hotel first, and read other travellers experiences, which can help you select the perfect hotel.

The Best Time To Visit Vientiane

The cheapest time of year to visit is during the monsoon season, which runs from May to October. However, the best time of year to go for the weather is between December and February, when there are still plenty of blue skies and sunshine, but the weather tends to be not as hot. If you want to brave the heat, you can always visit in April when it is summer and enjoy the Pi Mai festival, which is the Laotian New year, and is like Songkran in Thailand.

Research Things To Do Before You Go

There are lots of things to see and do in and around Vientiane when you visit, and unless time is no problem you are going to have to decide what to see and do, and what you are going to miss. You can be flexible with your plans and change them as and when you want, but having a loose itinerary when you visit will help you to make the most of your visit and get to know the real Laos. Make sure that you chuck in a couple of rest days, so you do have to do anything unless you want to, and you will have a fantastic time in Laos which will leave you wanting you to explore the rest of this beautiful country.

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